Game recap 1

Game 1 – Rhino Hero


The first game my group played during week one was Rhino Hero.

In Rhino Hero, you construct a card tower that a rhino wants to scale to do good in his city. On their turn, players will construct walls and a ceiling card, which in turn creates a new floor of the tower ( This game is considered a dexterity game developed by HABA. The games intended players are 2-5 and the games we played lasted about 5 minutes each.


Rhino Hero had a fantastic relationship between the primary game mechanics and the theme & story of the game. The game mechanics were very simple and manageable as they are for a young audience. The rules were learned in less than 2 minutes and were very basic and easy to follow. Rhino Hero allowed players to implement the basic strategy by having mechanics similar to Uno, where a skip, reverse and play multiple cards were utilized to make the game more challenging and exciting. 

In reflection, my group had a lot of fun and anxiety playing this game. It was extremely simple to follow although it challenged us physically and mentally, which was surprising. An interesting note is that this game drew a crowd, although there were 4 players, we had a large audience, creating a larger game atmosphere.

Game 2  – Among thieves. 


In week 2 my group played a game called Among thieves.

Among Thieves is a fast-paced strategy game aimed at ages 13+ and takes about 30 minutes to finish. The game was designed by Floyd Pretz and was published by Indie Boards & Cards. ( The objective of Among thieves is to ammas the most amount of credit whilst not being the player with the least amount of honor, as they are eliminated.

Among thieves does a fantastic job of creating a dystopian landscape for the game setting and theme. This landscape is created by the game mechanics and layout of the board. The mechanics of the game, including a range of cards, chips & characters throw the player into the greedy, capitalist-driven storyline that is among thieves. The primary objective of gaining credits to win aligns with the game’s storyline, further developing an interesting narrative.

In reflection, Among thieves has fantastic game mechanics and a riveting storyline, although personally, I found the gameplay boring and the rules overwhelming.

Game 3 – Werewolf


Another game in Week 2 we played was Werewolf.

Werewolf is a large scale strategy game where players are placed into 2 categories (werewolf & villager). The villagers win if they kill both werewolves, and the werewolves win if they kill enough villagers so that the numbers are even. There are also some other characters that can be added in such as the seer & doctor (Werewolf-rules).

The game requires players to create a backstory for their villager to create a backstory for themselves, allowing for players to build the game landscape and storyline. The mechanics and rules of the game are very effective in allowing the game to play uninterrupted. The game also can also develop while being played, for example, rules were modified throughout the game to suit the scale and time restraint of the game.

In reflection, this game was extremely fun to play. the simplicity of the mechanics and storyline allowed for an interactive,  fast-paced and exciting, even when you had been eliminated.


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