Group Contribution Summary

Introduction/Group Pitch 

For the BCM300 group assignment our group consists of Jordan Boyle, Bodhi Todd, Sam Cunningham & Myself.

Our aim is to pitch a game called Patient Zero. The game will be based of the popular game Werewolf. We found that a whilst we were all playing the game during class in week 3, that it lacked a lot of narrative and mechanics, we established it could definitely be improved upon. Especially in the case that you were eliminated early in the game, you had no role in the game and it became extremely boring. As a group we aim to create a game, based off werewolves basic set of mechanics, and transform into a game with more relevant narrative & theme, whilst adding our own improvements to the game mechanics.

Group contribution

Our group shares a collective document that all of our ideas, plans, rules & roles go into . Alongside this, we have had 2 meetings a week since our group was formed. As a group we ideated to create the basic narrative & theme of the game, as well as riff on some new mechanics we want to add. Further we have been focusing adding and removing game mechanics. We have also started the design process of the game, and although its just a game pitch, we want to have a BETA formed. Bodhi has done a fantastic job in drawing up some cards.

Once we had established the basics of our game, we decided to give ourselves the final roles for the group pitch. The concept we were to discuss were taken directly from the four points given in the marking rubrik. The roles were established by discussing strengths and preferences. My role in particular falls into the following “consider and discuss relevant background research including attention to comparable products, their pricing, marketing, publisher and developers.” I feel quite comfortable and excited by pitching this topic. Having marketing and game analysis experience from university and BCM300 respectively, I believe I will be able to execute this point in the game pitch.

Appropriate industry, popular, lecture and academic sources relevant to your specific focus.

I will not go into detail now about the pricing, marketing, publisher and developers, as I will leave that for the pitch, although I will discuss some similar games, relevant primary and secondary sources and websites to gain data all in regards to my focus for the pitch.

Relevant Games – The most relevant game I will be referencing for this pitch is Werewolf. This game comes in many forms, following the same theme and mechanics, although featuring different narrative and design. These alternate games include mafia, Murder! And Polar Bear. Information I will need for my pitch, such as game pricing, marketing, publisher and developers can all be taken from sites such as and I have used board game geek previously to help analyse relevant games, and it has fantastic data such as game price, publishers, designers and developers.

Lecture Material – There is a large range of relevant media and sources that I will use to develop my pitch. Foremost, regarding markets, mass markets, a niche markets, is the week three lecture from my BCM300 subject (Game Experience Design). This lecture discusses different genres of games, including family games, RPG games & euro games. I will be using this lecture to discuss the market placement of our game.

Secondary Sources

1 “Elimination is the worst mechanic ever invented”. This article supports our stand on elimination and also elaborates on other points such as the necessity of a moderator and the need for a lot of payers for the game (Werewolf) in order to be exciting.

2 Referring to similar games is the only way to price a game, well at least that’s what I previously thought. This article does a deep dive into how you should price a game, taking into account components such as complexity, time consumption, physical design, distribution costs and some other factors. This will be a great resource when I discuss a price for the game.

3 At first I struggled with how I would pitch the publishing and and developers of our game. Would we follow a similar route to relevant games, or go solo? This article breaks down the steps in going solo when releasing a board game. Although, this is a subject I will have to do much more research on.

4. Taken from the week 3 readings, the Youtube video titled “Made For Play: Board game and Modern Industry” is a fantastic resource I will use for my game pitch.  This video discusses the board game creation process, as well as an insight into the distribution methods and marketing tools that are implemented when creating, marketing  and distributing a board game.

Thanks for reading this, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Links to other blogs in group. 

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